Movie Review: The Boy (no spoilers)

These days, a trailer tells you exactly what you can expect from a movie. The trailer might as well be a synopsis of the plot. Especially with a horror movie. So I saw a trailer about a possessed doll and big creepy house and a hot babysitter and I thought, yeah, OK, I know what this is. I was pleasantly surprised.

I can’t say too much in this review without spoiling the whole thing, but I can issue this warning: the story is slow to start. They chuck you right in with the babysitter, Greta, riding in a taxi up to this giant spooky mansion. There’s a couple pointless, frustrating jump scares before you even meet the titular boy. It gets a bit tedious  for a time after that and it’s chock full of horror movie tropes.

If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve pretty much seen the first hour of this movie already. The original boy, Brahms, died in a house fire 20 years before and his parents treat a terrifyingly life like doll like he’s their little boy. Spooky enough, except Brahms keeps seeming like he might actually be a little boy. And it turns out that the parents (who call each other “mummy” and “daddy” just to add to the creep factor) have been looking for a nanny so that they can go on a two month vacation. They give her rules to follow which she immediately disregards when they walk out the door. Which leads to wacky doll related hi-jinks. The grocery boy comes around and fills out the plot and also prods Greta into sharing her backstory.

Then the movie goes fucking bananas.

This isn’t a good movie, but isn’t bad, either. I wouldn’t recommend it to a film snob or even a horror buff. It’s pretty standard fare, even with the twists. The plot pretty much falls apart with even the most cursory of inspections. However! If you can enjoy being scared without needing to pick apart every little thing, you should definitely see this movie. It’s genuinely enjoyable and has a few proper scares that aren’t just the typical jump scare.


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