Harry Potter Candy Jars

I’m a terrible, terrible blogger. But I’m a phenom when compared to my abilities as a crafter. My husband is good at everything he tries, I’m not so fortunate. However, I had this idea and I got really excited about it. Lily, my niece who you likely remember from my kid crafts posts, asked me for candy for Christmas. So I needed to think of a way to give her candy and have it look like a present. I’m fancy like that. Teenagers are the worst.



Now, Lily has never been huge on Harry Potter, much to my chagrin, but she’s fond enough of it for my idea to make sense. My other option was Percy Jackson and the candy is all just regular candy in that world.


I bought these super cool purple mason jars to start with.



Then I found labels from Harry Potter candy online. Fortunately everything I used was briefly an actual product, so I didn’t have to dig deep for artistic skills that I don’t possess.


I had originally meant to attach the labels in a super crafty fancy way that would look really good but I ran out of time. It’s been a super hectic Christmas season this year. So instead I used moderately fancy glue that I bought at Michael’s. That, combined with the fact that every surface of these jars have raised writing on them, means my labels don’t lay as flat as I would have liked.

1223151210 1223151214

All the same, I’m pretty happy with my final results. I put the candy labels on the front and then Honeydukes labels on the back. Except for the Ton Tongue Toffee, which is a Weasley creation, and thus got a Weasley label.

1223151845a 1223151845

Licorice snaps=Twizzler bites
Acid pops=Dum-dums
Cockroach cluster=Turtles
Jelly slugs=Gummy worms
Ton-tongue toffee=Espresso hard candy
Bertie botts=Jelly belly jelly beans

The person whose opinion really matters was also pretty pleased with the result.




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