Working from home, I guess?

I’m not a highly qualified potential employee with no degrees and only one long-term position on my resume. Add to that the fact that I have crippling social anxiety and you don’t get a lot of call-backs. As a result I’ve all but given up having a full-time position in a proper workplace. Since that revelation, I’ve been working on my novel and being a housewife and generally feeling worthless due to my lack of income.

During a brief break in my cycle of learned helplessness I decided to look into work from home options. There are quite a few and it’s a bit of a minefield. There are the typical pyramid schemes and sell-stuff-to-your-friends models that are not exactly great options. There are phone-based jobs that are mostly sales jobs and that’s a double can’t do for me. I can hardly talk to my friends on the phone and I guarantee you I couldn’t sell my grandmother a box of girl scout cookies. Yeah, I’m pretty bad.

The most prevalent jobs (and right up my alley!) are typing jobs. Transcriptioning, data entry, and the content mill stuff, whatever you would describe that as. Shilling? That’s biasing the jury, I think. Anyway, I’m not against them, I’m just wary about their usefulness to me. I mean, 75 cents per job and limited jobs? I could make literally tens of dollars! (Note: I am NOT above 75 cents a job, obviously.)

It’s taking a lot of work to get started and I’m not exactly rolling in dough at this point. I don’t expect to be ever, honestly. The good thing is I feel like I’m doing something. I don’t feel so worthless anymore just because I can’t get past my stupid panic to get a “real” job. If nothing else, this experience is making me less miserable and that’s not bad.


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