Easter Shenanigans



Not that I think anyone was waiting breathlessly for my Easter post, but sorry for taking so long with it, anyway. I’m a horribly lazy person. And addicted to Skyrim. So I could pretend I’m a busy adult with lots of important things to do except really I’m just lame.

Easter started off on the right foot, with the introduction of Milo, shown in the picture above. My brother and his girlfriend just got the little guy a couple months ago. They thought he would be a great Easter bunny. He wasn’t all that great at hiding eggs, but his adorableness made that easy to forgive.



Lily and Dan were being very hammy while the eggs were being hidden, so, I obliged them by taking these silly pictures.


Lily preferred to flip the exercise on its head, swapping her bucket and ears. Not to be outdone, Aidan put on everything he could find.


The littlest member of the family, my brother’s daughter, Kiera, is a bit young to participate in this particular pre-Easter ritual. But I’m sure next year she’ll be hamming it up for the camera just like her cousins.


By the time they got their heads de-bucketed, it was time to actually hunt.

0420141208e 0420141208a 0420141210a

Fortunately, they’re not cutthroat egg hunters. They both filled their buckets and no one got knocked down or anything. Kiera hunted, too, insofar as a one year old can. She didn’t really get the concept but she was pretty cute the whole time while she was stumbling around with her parents.

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John was involved with his own egg hunt, while the kids weren’t looking. I was looking, though, and I caught him snatching an egg out of the tree (silly that it was there to begin with, since none of the kids could reach it). He proceeded to take the candy out of the egg and put it back where he found it.

0420141209 0420141209a


Shameful. But there was no shortage of candy and other treats for the kids, anyway. They barely missed that one. I mean, look at this haul!



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