Big-eared Love

Our new kitten, Koshek, isn’t really getting along with the other felines. When Roma isn’t fending off his attacks, she’s starting fights with him. Because she doesn’t know how to play or because she hates his face. I don’t speak cat, so I couldn’t tell you. And Smoosh…well…the less said about her, the better. He isn’t entirely friendless in the house, however. Prim, at least, doesn’t hate him.


We got Prim from a bunny rescue nearly four years ago, when we were still living in San Jose. I wanted a different bunny but John insisted on Prim (then named Shasta) because she has a lot of attitude. Boy, does she ever. It might not be entirely clear in the following picture, since it isn’t moving, but what happened was Prim jumped at Koshek, who responded by leaping up onto the chairs.


Roma and Prim never became friends because Roma’s fear of Prim outweighed her curiosity. Koshek does not have that problem. Every time he gets scared, he comes right back. He’s never even hesitant.

Now I’ve set the scene so, I present to you, Kitten & Bunny: A Love Story


The players:







Act 1: So Much Lurking

It begins simply enough, with a little bit of interest.



Maybe a little too much interest.


Mostly, Koshek was overly attached. Bit of a stalker.


Act 2: Violent Displays of Affection

Next comes a bit of schoolboy mischief. Koshek decided he liked Prim, so he showed her. By hitting her. (Forgive the blurriness of the action shots, my cell phone camera is not perfect.)



Prim, for her part, reacted like a lady. She sniffed and pretended to be aloof.


So, to prove his love, Koshek escalated.


Act 3: Cage Match

Prim wanted to go outside. Koshek, of course, wanted to follow. When he first got in with her, he tried to play hard to get.


That, of course, quickly turned into stalking.


And creeping.




Leaping lead to excessive contact.


The contact, amazingly, led to friendship.



Curtain close.





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  1. I like your narrative. Actually…I love it! Well done. Great ending. Two thumbs-up.

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