I Have a New Cat!

I was going to trace my desire to have another cat but I realized midway through that that was silly. I always want another cat. I love cats. I have long since been a crazy cat lady just waiting to happen. My husband is the only one who has kept me from collecting strays. And, OK, maybe a little common sense. I’m quite allergic to cats, you see, and filling my life with them would be less than wise. That did not stop me from trying my damnedest to adopt Skippy when he showed up at my friend Carrie Anne’s house. (You can read all of Skippy’s story here.) Unfortunately, I could not win over my in-laws/landlords and Skippy did not become mine.


This past weekend, another stray fell into our lives. Quite literally, actually, since some jackass dropped it over a fence into the alley behind my sister-in-law’s house. At first, it was unclear to Kayti that the little guy had been abandoned. He seemed to just be lost. He was freshly bathed, had trimmed nails and was extremely friendly. She went around the neighborhood asking if anyone lost a kitten and learned what happened from her next door neighbor.

John and I were due to start pet-sitting the next day so she let us know we would be watching a kitten as well as a dog. Of course, we were super thrilled but pretended to be put out. We’re so cool. The dog in question is the reason the kitten would need to find another home. Buster is great with people but he has a serious cat problem.


The moment I held this kitten, he was going to be mine. He immediately nuzzled my neck and started purring. I was way gone. Kitten love overload. Every time I put him down, however, his mouth started going. He would just wander around meowing as loudly as possible. For some people, that might be a deal breaker, but I have always loved noisy cats. They remind me of myself.


Big selling point. Another one: after only two unfortunate accidents, he was completely box-trained. It’s serious enough that if he can’t get to his box, he will yowl until you let him get to it. I know a lot of dogs like that but I’ve never had a cat that wouldn’t just pee wherever if they couldn’t get to their box. He’s awesome, is what I’m getting at.



I think the reason I got this kitten and not Skippy is, this time, John was on my side. He loves animals and he loved Skippy but he didn’t think we should have him. With this little orange fuzzball, John fell just as hard and fast as I did. I told him, this is our cat now. And he said, absolutely. We were on the same page about an animal for the first time since we adopted our bunny.


The in-laws/landlords turned out to be not our biggest hurdle in integrating the little Koshek (named after a cat on a radio drama I listen to). That designation goes to our resident old lady and my favorite cat, Roma. She had always ignored the aggression from the other cat of the household and I was certain that she would at worst be apathetic about having a new roommate. No such luck. She is unbelievably angry about the kitten situation. She hisses and growls and chases him away when he comes near her. I can’t believe that my gentle, shy kitty has become such a beast.


For Koshek’s part, he keeps coming back for more. Last night, he came up behind her while she was angrily twitching her tail, and he jumped on it. Fortunately he was smart enough to run away because she turned around ready to strike. I’ve never dealt with this situation before so I’m kind of splitting my time between Googling the problem and winging it. We’ll see how it goes.

We mustn’t skip over the important thing here, though. I have a kitten! A kitten! There’s a new cat in my life! Woo-hoo!



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