Key Lime Pie

There’s something you should know about me: I don’t like pie. Weird, I know, but I’ve never been a fan of crust. (Except graham cracker crust. That’s a whole different thing.) Since becoming an adult I feel a bit silly just eating the filling and leaving the crust. As a result, I don’t make very many pies. Recently, however, I decided to make a pumpkin pie with some leftover canned pumpkin. It was a thrilling success. Suddenly, I’m on a pie kick.

Now, I just told you I don’t like pie. This isn’t entirely true. I love (lovelovelovelovelovelove) key lime pie. It’s been my favorite thing since I was little. My mom used to buy one for me on my birthdays back when you could still find key lime pie in a bakery ever. I tell you all that so you won’t be surprised when I tell you I decided I had to make a key lime pie.

Something else happened today, besides my desperate desire to make a pie: I started working out with my friend, Amber. You remember Amber.


I’m not the only person to start working out and immediately want pie, but I might be the only who wants and then subsequently bakes a pie immediately after starting to work out. I bought the ingredients, including a pre-made graham cracker crust and brought them home. I suppose the gods of baking looked upon my laziness with disdain and while brushing crumbs off my crust into the sink, half of the crust fell into the sink.

Even swears don’t cover the agony. I was beyond crestfallen.

I didn’t immediately send John out for another crust, however. I was determined to make this pie work with the ingredients at my disposal. There are no graham crackers in this house, not a one. There are shortbread cookies, saltines and honey nut cheerios. Goes without saying.

I did a quick Google search and found that people besides me have made a crust with crushed honey nut cheerios. I picked the first link I saw, a recipe for cheerios mini cheesecakes on a food blog.

The recipe, for the lazy, is simple so I’ll write it out: 3 cups crushed honey nut cheerios, 1/4 cup brown sugar, a stick of melted butter. Mix it all up and you’ve got your crust.

I do need to stress that the cheerios need to be very finely ground. I kind of skimped on that part and it turned a bit chewy. The key lime portion of my pie came from All Recipes, a website I find myself on regularly. I found the result a bit tart so I can’t fully recommend it, but it was great in the essentials. And all the same, it can be found here.

The pie turned out absolutely beautiful, proving for the thousandth time that I worry too much.


I didn’t think this picture captured the majesty, so I took another. Behold!


The moral of the story probably has something to do with pie. Something like “Pie is awesome, even when you have to Macgyver it”. That’s good, let’s go with that.


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