Story time!

The wind was cold and the moon was full and bright in the sky. Well. The moon wasn’t actually up yet and I’m pretty sure it’s waning crescent right now. But picture it that way anyway. I took John’s hand and we plunged into the corn for a wild adventure. Or, you know, a walk through the corn.


John consulted the map occasionally, in a stalwart manner, refusing my offer of a flashlight. He was the fearless leader of our expedition, pulling me along over the furrows and felled corn stalks. I was sure we were lost most of the time but not John, he directed me left and right and left again with all the confidence of a drill instructor.


We had a brief false alarm when we stumbled upon a broken in exit that had clearly been made by some maze-goer that was not nearly as skilled in directions as my husband. Alas, we were not yet free.


After an arduous journey we stumbled out of the maze and into the safety of the floodlights. As it transpired, the exit we found wasn’t an “official” exit so maybe we didn’t actually complete the maze. But damn it, we survived!


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