Harvest 2013 (The fighting part)

I’ve admitted in the past that the fighting doesn’t matter to me even a little bit. It matters to John, though, so I climbed off of my high horse for a bit and took pictures.


Sometimes I’m rewarded with awesome shots. Like this one, of Kael unintentionally posing.


Or this picture of Leo looking incredibly outraged. I don’t know why he’s outraged and I don’t want to know. Somehow I think the real answer won’t be as entertaining as what my imagination will come up with.


And then there’s my most favorite capture, this picture of Rau that looks like he’s pointing at me. I was taking pictures from pretty far away so it’s almost guaranteed that he wasn’t angrily pointing at me to tell me to stop taking pictures. But I like to pretend that he was, anyway.

My favorite subject (surprise surprise) is my beloved husband. So much of my battle footage revolves around him. I have all his most exciting activities. Here he is listening:




Charging into battle!


And the very best one, winning a fight!


Staying on my favorite subject, I want to chronicle the most photogenic battle of the event. A one on one between John & Cassius. You remember, this guy:


Anyway, when these two fought it was more like they were playing than anything and it tickled me. John started things off right with his most mischievous grin.


Cassius, of course, responded with a serious business attitude. He is not to trifled with.


John clearly worked at wearing down his fierce attitude, but Cassius was having none of it.


Really, they were both quite cheerful.



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