Super-PAX Post Party Edition (Finally Part 3!)

It’s so strange. I’m great at time management and organization for literally everything else except writing. My most favorite thing in the whole world and I am forever pushing it to the back of my mind. Maybe someday I’ll sort out what that’s all about and actually finish a book. In the meantime, Enforcer Afterparty!


We all got dressed up and headed out. The afterparty is a great end to the convention and this year it was especially relieving after an extra day of convention. I decided to get the ball rolling by taking annoying action shots.

Sitting in the lobby!

038 039

Waiting for the bus!


Riding the bus!

047 048 045

Once the bus arrived the party started off pretty slowly. We sat around and ate and had a couple drinks. We segued to Pool shortly after that. Krystal and I took on Amber and we were losing pretty miserably for a while. Ultimately we won when Amber scratched on the 8 ball. A win is a win!


Nothing too terribly exciting happened after that but we all mostly plastered so it didn’t much matter. So instead of boring you with boozy details I’ll just share with you the pictures I took in my drunken stupor.

Fancy pants pirate John posing with dapper Rowdy. Took 3 different shots to get them both to be serious.


At one point, we had to walk across the street to take the big Enforcer picture. One the way back, I noticed that I could see the Space Needle and became determined to get a picture of it. The results were…so so.

060 061

Of course, we couldn’t leave the bar for good without a group shot.

066 068

Shortly after that we moved on to another bar where I got a great candid of Amelia & Rowdy deciding on a pizza.


Then Krystal wore Amber’s jacket and I found it far more amusing than I should have.


At long last I ordered my last drink of the night and we headed back to the hotel room. A great night, a fun party, and this year, I managed to avoid doing anything embarrassing. Cheers!



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