More Medieval Rugby (Leo’s Nameday Battle)


It’s gotten to the point now where I am legitimately happy to go to events. I still don’t want to fight (much to John’s dismay) but you can’t beat the company. Well, actually, you can, but you oughta sign a waver first, cause they’ll want to beat you back.

This event was to celebrate the birth of a great fighter and all around awesome guy, Leo. You can see him in the picture above, grinning as he’s about to be killed. I don’t think he stopped smiling for more than a minute all day. But he’s a jovial sort.


I brought my best friend Krystal along with me and she wanted to try out a little swordplay. She got comfortable with taking that leap a lot faster than I ever did. And with a little bit of social pressure at work I picked up a sword as well. She wasn’t bad at all. I would prefer not to disclose how I did. Assume as you’d like.


Fortunately, being behind the camera, I don’t have to worry about any pictures of me with a sword. Phew.

Of the others, though, I have plenty. Here you see Rau catching a spear that had been thrown at him.


And then, of course, preparing to chuck it back.


At one point, my husband found himself in quite a difficult predicament. He was facing two kings and missing a leg.


The results were predictable to say the least.


The lovely Tati, while not really fighting that day, was a great herald (read: referee) and very willing to pose as well.


The after party was even more fun, hosted by the totally awesome Fugook, seen here looking like a king of the forest.


We didn’t get home until well after 2 am and it was a wonder that either of us ever got out of bed today. Though it should be noted that John did go back as soon as he could.



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