An Afternoon With Lily (Rainbow Loom)


It’s been a while since I went and hung out with Lily on Saturday. I used to do it all the time but after babysitting her and Aidan for so long I was a bit over-saturated. But I finally got to missing her again so we made plans to hang out today. I wanted to read (her mother informed me she hasn’t read at all by herself this summer and I was more than disappointed) and she wanted to craft. So we compromised. She taught me how to do the craft and read aloud while I was working on it.

The craft in question is Rainbow Loom!



Apparently all the rage back east (she has a friend who recently moved to Pennsylvania who turned her on to this) but not available in stores yet around here. But through the magic of the internet (Rainbow Loom) we on the west coast can enjoy it, too.

She showed me how to do it.


Then again.


And again.


But I didn’t quite get the hang of it until I tried it for myself. It’s not overly complicated, really, it’s just something you have to do to learn properly. My first bracelet turned out just great. Lily was so proud.



I made a bracelet with the original bands and the bands my sister bought at the dollar store to properly show the difference. There isn’t much of one, honestly, and it’s the cheaper alternative. The bands will only cost you 17 cents online for 600 but they get you with the shipping, an extra 5 dollars. Probably it’ll even out if they end up in stores around here. But for now you can get 500 similar bands for a buck at the dollar store.


It was lots of fun and really engaging. I could’ve done it all day. I made two bracelets and even a choker because I wanted to keep Lily reading. All in all, a good craft and a wonderful afternoon with my favorite niece/photographer.



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