Crafting Part 6: I Have no Idea What to do With You, Here’s Some Popsicle Sticks

By the end of my month of babysitting I was not yet out of ideas. I was, however, completely out of steam. And supplies. I had a package of popsicle sticks left over and then the random supplies from the previous weeks’ activities. So I had Lily gather all the supplies on the table and I told her we were making party houses. Why? It was all I could think to make.


The problem with all crafts is my sweet Lily is an insufferable copy cat. She second guesses all of her ideas but thinks all of mine are the bee’s knees. Therefore, whatever I decide to make is what she wants to make. And if I’m not doing anything, she won’t either. I had to pick something I could make with popsicle sticks so I could be working and thereby keep her working. I’ve only ever made a picture frame and a house with popsicle sticks and houses take more time.


There was a bit of trouble with the pipe-cleaner roofs, involving some glue that wouldn’t hold and a major fit thrown over having fingers full of fuzz (me). And a minor argument over whether the large puffs were beach balls or bushes. But ultimately, Lily insisted this was the best craft ever. Plus, they really do look like awesome party houses.


She was extra proud of her palm tree made of clay and feathers. Honestly, I am too. She’s really a very creative kid, I just wish she thought so.



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