Crafting Part 5: Scratch Paintings

Scratch paintings are comprised of two layers: a colorful bottom layer and a completely black overlay. The objective is to scratch away as much of the black as you want to create a design. You can find them pre-made at Big Lots for a couple bucks and probably at Michael’s for an obscene mark-up. But I thought it wouldn’t be a very good craft if we didn’t make them ourselves. We started by coloring printer paper with crayons. I hated this part because it took ages.


Next we covered the whole page in black paint. Lily and I both loved this part. I was trying to keep the paint thin so it would dry faster. I even advised Lily to do the same. Thankfully she didn’t listen to me because, as it turned out, that was intensely stupid on my part. Thin paint means hard to scratch.


The worst part of this craft is the waiting but we found a way to keep busy. Specifically, we played war with Uno cards and a mildly enthusiastic audience. We had both cats spellbound, actually, until I decided I wanted to take a picture. Then there was one.


Time came to scratch our scratch paintings. We used wooden skewers. As previously stated, my painting didn’t work out well since I laid the paint on so thinly. But Lily’s turned out really well, and it looked particularly great hung up in the window with the sun shining through it.



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