Crafting Part 4: Sock Puppets

First, I know you are all waiting with bated breath to see what happened at the end of the naked egg experiment. It was really awesome and the kids loved bouncing it and squeezing it.


Then I tried to get a picture of it bouncing and it ended up mostly on my pants. That’s the thrilling conclusion.


Next, the craft of the day was sock puppets. I was excited about this craft so I went all out: pipe cleaners, puff balls, googly eyes, feathers, and markers. I considered glitter but I didn’t want to face the horror of trying to clean it up afterwards.


We were all disheartened early on by the inability to glue pipe cleaners to anything except our fingers. I found a solution in forcing the pointy bit of the pipe cleaners through the top of the socks. It was not easy doing it to mine and I also had to do it for Lily’s. Fortunately, Aidan wanted a bald puppet. I made a Lucille Ball puppet. The kids shrugged at me when I told them and looked at them expectantly.



Lily was ultimately unhappy with her movie star puppet (the one on the far right with the yellow feathers). She ripped out the pipe cleaners that I had so lovingly shoved into the sock for her and threw a sulk. The only thing that would cheer her up was making a crown for me. Oh the things I do for her.


I know you’ve been waiting for this and I won’t disappoint you. Obligatory sock puppet play!





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