This One Time, in Redding (Road Stories, First and Secondhand)

One of the best parts about riding on the truck with John is the odd people that you brush up against at truck stops. One day we were getting Popeye’s in Redding when we looked out the huge windows to see a lady talking to a cop. Or rather, shrieking at a cop. She was wearing a long flowing skirt over a one piece bathing suit and was acting completely crazy. It was hard not to stare. We talked to a couple other people in the store about her and one man was actually taking his lunch outside to get a better view. I asked John if we could stay to see how the whole thing turned out but he said we needed to go. Rats.

Another time, in a nowhere town in Washington, we stopped at the most miserably small truck stop I’ve ever seen. We parked at a truck stop that wasn’t open 24 hours but did have a very nice diner. The bathroom there is where I took this picture. I still think it’s quite a good deal.


There was another truck stop that was 24 hours right across the street and I was annoyed about not staying there, until we went into said 24 hour truck stop the next morning. I got this from the bathroom inside.


The clerk seemed nice enough but apparently he’s quite the zealot. When John told me he had argued with the guy before, I accused him of being a zealot himself. Of course that was before I saw the little pamphlet. I don’t think I could have expected him to not say anything.

That truck stop is also the place where John was shown a picture of Big Foot on a fellow truck driver’s cell phone. It was dark and blurry and unrecognizable as anything living, which sounds pretty damn authentic to me. Must have actually been Big Foot.

And of course the oddness isn’t limited to the people you actually meet on the road. Sometimes you get a peek at the weird by what they leave behind on the walls.


In case you can’t read it, as it is quite small, it says this: “I love to watch your size, figure penis…that’s nice…kool!”

I don’t know, either.


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