Crafting Part 3: Science is Magic!

I’ve been looking forward to this day since I started planning crafts for the kids. But I made myself wait until the second week to do it. We started with the Naked Egg experiment which features an egg in vinegar. It takes three days for the shell to be completely gone though, so we moved on from that pretty quickly. I made sure to direct the kids’ attention to it during the day so they could watch the shell getting eaten away.

Next we used lemon juice as invisible ink. That one was harder than I’d expected. You can use a light bulb to make the lemon juice appear, like I tried, but fire really works better. I did NOT want to encourage the kids to do anything that involves fire. Yikes.

The highlight of the day was the volcano. I had planned to use dirt in the yard to bury a Gatorade bottle to make the volcano but I found out to my dismay that my sister doesn’t believe in dirt. So I had to improvise.


Not…exactly…realistic. But the kids were pretty impressed with their multicolored volcano once we finished it.


It was time for the reaction. I tried to space it out by putting the baking soda in a paper towel and dropping it in (I read it online!) but it didn’t work. We took it out and just tossed the baking soda in.


Heck yeah, science!


They loved it so much I actually had to tell them “Ok, guys, just ONE MORE reaction.” They were so disappointed; they never wanted it to end!


The last experiment of the day was Ooblek (AKA cornstarch and water with some food coloring for fun) but I only got one picture of that, I was too worried about destroying my camera. It comes off easily but I wanted to limit the amount of things that got coated. Long story short, we all stained our hands and had lots of fun.



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