Crafting Part 2: Tie-dye Extravaganza!

A note, before I begin: When I started writing up my babysitting crafts, I had no idea that my blog was going to become the Lily Show. But as soon as I told her why I was taking pictures, she was tickled at the idea of being featured on my blog. So pretty much all of these posts will feature pictures of my lovely, hammy, niece. Enjoy the Lily Show!


I’ve never tie-dyed anything before so I was pretty nervous about being in charge of this potentially messy affair. Throughout the experience I was regularly taking my gloves off so I could check one of a dozen how-to articles on my phone. I love living in the future.

Anyway, I started with powder dye and salt which I set to boil. As well as soda ash (care of my wonderful sister-in-law Kayti), gloves and rubber bands.


By the time the shirts were finished soaking in soda ash, the dye was ready to go so I had the kids tie up their shirts. I tied my own, which is clearly noticeable as the biggest one.


I let them pick their first color out of the three I bought: red, teal and orange. Admittedly, they only got to choose between teal and orange, since I took the red for my first color. Hey, it’s good to be in charge.


Lily picked red, white and blue for her scheme and hers looked like this before I washed it. It faded a little after but it was still beautiful.


Aidan wanted to do all three colors but when he unwrapped his we were all so impressed with it he decided to leave his the way it was.


Mine was by far the worst but still not bad. All in all, I think our tie-dye experiment went rather well. I’m definitely more likely to wear my Cards Against Humanity t-shirt now.




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2 responses to “Crafting Part 2: Tie-dye Extravaganza!

  1. My inlaws are hippies. I feel the need to tie dye something for them.

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