How I Tom Sawyered The Kids Into (sort of) Washing My Car

I decided that we would only craft every other day and on the in between days I would take the kids to the park. But their mother shot that idea down for this week because it’s unbearably hot. She has a point.

Instead, we decided to have a water fight.


For probably about fifteen minutes we chased each other around and got totally soaked. Game rules were made and immediately broken. Time outs were called and ignored. We had a great time. Then my sister pulled up and Aidan started shooting at her car. That gave me an idea.

My car is incredibly filthy and I’ve been meaning to wash it forever. So said, “I’m going to go attack my car!”

As I did it, I was very clear about how much fun it was. And they totally bought it. What’s more, they loved shooting my car. It’s still pretty filthy, but it’s the thought that counts.


Also the fact that I briefly had minions.



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3 responses to “How I Tom Sawyered The Kids Into (sort of) Washing My Car

  1. Finally I get to see the beloved Lily in person! I’ve been hearing about her so long I feel like I know her. What a cutie. And seriously, this is the best idea ever.

  2. Innominaut

    I see a highly successful car wash chain in your future. Hordes of children enthusiastically blasting cars with Super Soakers, working for nothing while you lounge on your throne of cash and green marbles.

    Sure, the law will catch on eventually. But what can they do? You never asked anyone to do anything. And after all, the kids are having so much fun…

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