Crafting Part 1: Questionable Lip Gloss

I’m babysitting for my niece, Lily, (10) and my nephew, Aidan, (8) for 3 days a week for the whole month while my sister and brother-in-law have work schedules that aren’t conveniently synced. I’ve been scouring the internet for crafts and science experiments to keep them from making me crazy.

The first craft was lip gloss, because I made the mistake of mentioning it. This is a pretty girly craft and I was worried about Aidan  feeling left out during it. Fortunately, he didn’t really seem to care. I tried to make all the other crafts gender neutral but it required a serious shift in my mindset. Normally I’m looking for things that Lily and I can do on Saturdays when I go to hang out with her and she is a serious girly-girl. I long since gave up trying to include Aidan on those occasions: the two of them barely ever agree on anything, you know how siblings are.

Anyway. Lip gloss. We started with some pretty basic ingredients.


I heated up the petroleum and we started mixing. Unfortunately, I didn’t do much research on this and took the advice that it just needed to be slightly melted. This was definitely not the case.


Hm. We made lip gloss, sure, but moreover we made a mess. A terrible, terrible mess.


I like to think the final product belies the disorder that went into making it.



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  1. I’ve posted crafty kid ideas on Little Big, but because Isobel is so much younger they might not work for you guys.

    Keep trying, even if none of the projects work out the way you think they should. What they will remember and enjoy is the actual act of creation itself.

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