More Road Woes

It’s not impossible to eat healthy on the road. Most fast food places have marginally healthy options now. Some truck stops (Pilots in particular) have fresh fruit available. Whenever we had the time or the inclination to sit down to dinner, all of the truck stop diners had a salad bar available.

My problem is that my only weakness is that I’m weak. I ate healthy a lot on the road but not primarily and not nearly as much as I should have. I barely control my eating habits when I’m at home and don’t have these horrible fast food options at my fingertips. On the road and under stress, with it right in front of me it was regularly beyond my strength.

As for the stress, I would like to point my finger straight at southern California. There are so many nice places to go in SoCal if you’re a tourist. You do not visit those places as a trucker. You go to places like Oxnard and Vernon and see things like this out of the window.


And then, when you want to leave (desperately), you sit in traffic for three hours, regardless of what time it is. John ranted about the traffic we encountered at 2 in the afternoon.

“Why aren’t these people at work? I’m at work!”

Good point.



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2 responses to “More Road Woes

  1. Your portrayals of John’s take on things is always entertaining.

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